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Grow your Sphere-of-Influence...  Get a competitive advantage...
Got LISTINGS ?     ... ask about our custom Listing Promotion System.
  Got LEADS ?


How will your next client find you?  


Are you driving enough of the right traffic
to your website?


Does your lead-generation-engine
need a tune-up?


Is your contact-management in sync?



    Systems integrated

  • AgentAchieve
  • Google Apps/Gmail
  • Outlook
  • TeraBitz
  • CoreFact
  • PropertyMinder
  • TopProducer ... etc.

... migration, integration services.



... Hits on CraigsList ...  which ads are doing best?   

... Openings on Emails  ...  which messages are doing best?   

vs. Hits on your CoreCapture™ widgets
                    and CoreFact Landing Pages ...

vs. Click-throughs ...   page-views...

vs. sign-ups ...

vs. sign-ins ...

vs. Leads, Referrals, Deals!


It's a cascade, flowing into your Sphere-of-Influence...

1.  CoreFact Websites, with visitor tracking...

2.  CoreFact postcards, with capture-keys...  

Results: CoreCapture™ (tm) :: Lead-Manager ... reading the tea-leaves?  Next-steps?

3. Want even more traffic?  Trackable-leads?  More business? 
Ask us how!


Micromarket-yourself to a targeted audience of prospects, clients, and customers.


How are your campaigns doing?

Find the breakdowns, and opportunities...





  Consistently mailing CoreFact postcards

(with patent-pending , capture-key tracking)

is the best way to drive well-targeted, local visitors to your website...
... and track your leads ... 

   There is a lot more you CAN do...

You've gotten a start with CoreFact...

You've put your marketing on auto-pilot... What next?

There is a lot more you NEED to do...

Is anything missing from your marketing-system?


Do your websites need a tune-up?

  • Social networking?  Micro-blogging?  Twitter,  facebook, LinkedIn, etc... 
  • Custom Web-Pages?  —  Bio  —  Community Links  —  BLOG  —  Templates  —  Video
  • Webmaster Services - for your websites - and t. l. c. for your web presence
How to best use the Internet?  Are you reaching your potential?
  • Keyword strategy?  Titles?  Headings?   (SEO - Search Engine Optimization, phase 1)
  • Inbound Links?  —  Anchor-text?   Google rank, etc.  (SEO - phase 2)
 There's even more, for your competitive edge... tune-up your processes... 
  • Data management... tune-up your mailing-lists?
  • Synergize / integrate your contact-management, CRM, lead-generation?
  • Custom E-mail templates?  —  Custom HTML, counters, etc?
  • CraigsList ads, etc?  —  Custom HTML, counters, etc?
  • Pay-per-click ad campaigns?  Google Base?  ActiveRain?

 Engage and inform your prospects and clients
 ... with useful content and valuable tools on your website.
Keep new leads flowing into your Sphere-of-Influence
... put the internet to work for you while you are busy doing other things!

George Fanucci - CoreFact - Internet Marketing Systems


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